WOOOHOOOO MY First 20 Bucks


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lol....ok so i know its only pennies to most of u pro IM'ers but dang.....I am smiling my ass off right now.

Using CU, youtube and tinyurl lol. Lots of views tho....and lots of ppl clicking my link but only 1 took the bait. So time to tweak it a little and scale it up hehe.

To all you new guys here who haven't gotten your feet wet yet, its a pretty cool feeling making ur first few bucks at IM. :)



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It seems like your ear to ear over there with smiles man. Congrats on the new loot, now its time to make some more! :top:



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Congrats, Now that you know your method works, time to add some twist.
Find a way to make this automated. I know you can find a lot of tweeter tools here and on the net that might be able to help you out.

Keep us informed, we ALL love to hear about success people are having.


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Thanks so much for all the great comments guys :) im so excited and all your posts just give me more drive :)


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You should like frame it over your work area. Every time you need to be motivated you can look up and see your $$$.

*My First 20 Bucks*

My first 20 dollars went to my VIP bill lmao!:pcguru:

Oh cool, thread speech time. Ahem.

What makes an IM'er? What makes a pro IM'er?

Is it what he says he earns? Or is it the screen shots of his earnings?

Does he or she become an IM'er before or after the first earning of coin?

Your turn. Speech. Speech. Speech. :p


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Man I know that feeling :D It is just amazing and like others said you now know your method works, work harder and learn some twists after you automate you are on your way to multiply your income streams. Good luck