WOOOHOOOO MY First 20 Bucks


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Good well done

Well Done as soon as you see something is working it seems easier, and then progress to biger things :wavey:


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Way to go!!!!

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Way to go!!!! Keep up the good work.


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lol....ok so i know its only pennies to most of u pro IM'ers but dang.....I am smiling my ass off right now.

Using CU, youtube and tinyurl lol. Lots of views tho....and lots of ppl clicking my link but only 1 took the bait. So time to tweak it a little and scale it up hehe.

To all you new guys here who haven't gotten your feet wet yet, its a pretty cool feeling making ur first few bucks at IM. :)

how did u that?can u share it? btw congrats for u, hope i will be get the same :top:


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can some one tell me what is CPA Actually and how can i Earn from it ???
Please some one tell me step by step or refer me to some tutorial where i can know what CPA is and how i can earn with CPA ?, AM INTERESTED!!!


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I love seeing threads like this.

I'm actually sitting here, with a big ol' grin... Like it was MY first $20 :D

And never forget your inspirations and motivations! Let them push you farther then you've ever gone!